Watch this 5-minute video detailing how to use our website so you can take full advantage of everything we have to offer. It includes a detailed walk-through of the website, along with how to stay connected or determine which program is right for you.

This video reviews the details of navigating the Community Recovery Group. This group allows you to track your progress, save your entries, and participate in forums. It does require an e-mail address and password for sign-in.

In this video, I review the theories behind Your Way Recovery and how the program works. I also review the option of participating in our program anonymously. With the ‘Continue Anonymously’ option, we do not require an e-mail address, but it does prohibit saving information and participating in the forums.

This group outlines our Friends, Family, and Community Support Group. This group is here to support those who support someone in recovery. You may be an individual or an organization, but we want to tell you our unique approach to recovery and how we can both recover ourselves and expand our options.

If you are considering contributing to Your Way Recovery and you want to know more about the motivation behind our program, this video gives a brief history of how we came into being. If you still want to know more, please reach out. We are always happy to connect and share our vision with you.