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About Your Way Recovery

My name is Linda Forrest, and I am a recovered addict. I am also a writer, speaker, and the creator of Your Way Recovery, a free, online recovery support program. 

I knew I was making a change this year, but I had no idea it would be so meaningful to me. I was an addict. My doctors told me I would always be an addict. I felt powerless, but I wanted a better life. I began with traditional treatment programs, and they helped me find stability, but I wanted more. I wanted to cure my addiction. I dedicated myself to finding a permanent solution and I succeeded. Now, I want to share what I found with others, but I don’t want to charge them. 

Addiction is a heavy financial burden, on addicts, on their families, and on insurance companies. I want to relieve that burden, and we can do that by making Free Addiction Recovery available to everyone, but we need to do it together. If you can, please contribute and share.

In our program, we do not treat addiction. We provide information on the underlying brain functions behind addiction. Through non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical, non-supplemental practices, we bypass the dopaminergic pathways—addressed through most treatment programs—to look at the brain functions creating those pathways. When participants learn to alter the root cause of their addictive tendencies, the addictive tendencies naturally diminish.

Each person is different, so one practice won’t work for everyone. Therefore, we educate participants on the root cause of their addiction, how certain practices alter brain function, and how to use the information provided to develop a unique program for their success. When participants understand the conditions behind addiction, and the goal of the tools provided through their recovery programs, they are more likely to use them.

I’ve been teaching the information taught in Your Way Recovery for nearly eight years—as an alternative to traditional pharmaceutical treatment—and am currently in the early stages of clinical trials. My goal was to offer this program at the end of my clinical trials. However, as the need for social distancing increased, I began thinking of all the meetings that carried me through the worst days of my recovery. I can’t imagine what it is like for those who cannot find a meeting or worse in some ways, those who must choose between their health or their recovery to go to a meeting. I want to offer something people in recovery can access at home, now.

Beyond the issues of social distancing, the overhead of running a recovery center, partnered with the detrimental effect addiction can have on financial stability, creates situations that exclude certain people from participating in long-term personal support. Now, more than ever, people are struggling financially. There aren’t many free options for treatment available. All I had were my meetings.

In response to these current social conditions, I have decided to release my program early, available to the general public for free through an online support program.

Your Way Recovery is not here to replace pre-existing treatment options. Our goal is to offer free, at-home support for individuals within the structure of their recovery program. Participants can use the program to boost the potential success of their current treatment or as a stand-alone practice. We are here to support recovery, for all participants, suffering any addiction—whether they have an existing practice or not.

If you would like to partner with us in building free options for supporting successful recovery, please consider contributing. Every lit bit helps, and all donations are tax-deductible.

Your Way Recovery – Let’s change the face of recovery together.

Even the smallest contributions help. Click here to donate.