I had a thought today.

Many of us haven’t suffered the pain of addiction, and we’re grateful we haven’t. Still, when you are not in the throws of it, it’s easy to forget. I don’t spend my days fighting the urge to use. I don’t spend my nights worrying about going to jail, or devastating someone else’s life with my addiction. I don’t lose valuable relationships in my life because of addiction, not anymore, but I did and there are thousands of people out there who still do.

Over 40 million individuals ages 12 and older are currently suffering from addiction in our country. That’s more than 1 in 7 people. Those aren’t just numbers. They are real people, in pain who don’t have all the resources they need to get well. I want to provide what I can, but I need your help.

If the past few weeks have taught me anything, it’s that things don’t change unless we are willing to say difficult words out loud. So I’ve decided to start the “If you’re grateful” campaign as part of our launch. If you’re grateful that you have never lost a job, a home, or a family because of addiction, please contribute. If it’s a dollar or a hundred, every penny helps.

Please click here to contribute today. Thank you for making a difference.