Daily Journal
Session Practices - Phase One - A new understanding of addiction
Session Practices - Phase Two - Getting to the root of the problem and fixing it

Session Two Centering Practice

Because we did not have a video with a centering practice this week, we will take a moment to do our centering before continuing to the What we believe Practice.

Take a moment to pause and take a few deep breaths. Make sure to take your time. Slow in. Slow out. Feel your system become calm and present in this moment, letting go of everything else around you.

Let go of any feelings of excitement, fear, or stress you might be experiencing. Feel the presence of this moment. Connect with the temperature and the texture of the air around you. Notice the ambient sounds. Allow yourself to just be present.

Take a few minutes doing this practice until you feel you are centered. Close your eyes if it helps. Clear away any distractions, and continue to breathe until you feel present enough to continue.