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Session Practices - Phase One - A new understanding of addiction
Session Practices - Phase Two - Getting to the root of the problem and fixing it

Positive Sensory Stimuli Practice

In our program, we work from the understanding that all people are healthy at their core. Returning to health can be easily achieved through the management of chemical production. Because we operate from the principle of health, we understand anything that is not health, is the byproduct of living from a triggered, survival consciousness.

All dysfunctional behavior is expressed in an attempt to relieve the state of suffering created by that conscious. All addictive behavior is the byproduct of the attempt to relieve suffering. Therefore imbalance of brain chemicals, which can result in addiction is best treated at the level of triggers. The best way to manage chemicals is by using the body’s ability to naturally produce them.

In this week’s practice, we’re going to experiment with different Positive Sensory Triggers, to help balance the brain and reduce the need to engage in self-medicating behaviors.