Phase One - A new understanding of addiction - Breaking Free of Codependency Sessions
UPCOMING INTRO TO MEDITATION Session Practices - Phase Two - Getting to the root of the problem and fixing it

Course Structure and Commitment Practice

Session One – Course Commitment Practice

noun /kəˈmitmənt/

:the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc
:a promise to do or give something
:a promise to be loyal to someone or something
:the attitude of someone who works very hard to do or support something.

Daily Practices – Daily manipulation of brain function through articulation is critical to success in this program. Above all things, we suggest participants do 20 minutes of practice per day, at least. Your Daily Journal is designed to facilitate your daily practices. To accelerate improvement, one or more of the following times is optimal:

  • Right before sleep – is the most beneficial for accelerated growth. What we do for the last 20 minutes before falling asleep has the most impact on what the brain retains for improvement.
  • First thing in the morning – is the best for building motivation. If you want to set the right tone for the day, do practices right after waking, before doing anything else.
  • Before a lull – for sustaining motivation. Most people experience a decrease in motivation during certain times of the day. If this is true for you, we recommend doing your practices as you approach the time. Do not wait until your motivation wanes, set a schedule to do your practices approximates 20 – 30 minutes before you typically experience the decrease.
  • When anxiety surfaces – to reduce frequency. Supporting a person with an addiction can be stressful. Just as people experience losses of motivation throughout the day, many addicts tend to experience increased cravings during a particular time of day. This can trigger the fear of relapse. By doing a practice 20 – 30 minutes before vulnerable times, you may be able to avoid stress feelings entirely. You can also use your practices to reduce stress after it surfaces, but when it comes to daily practices, don’t wait until you are stressed to begin. 

Please note: the more often you do practices, the sooner your stress will decrease, and your confidence increases. It is not possible to do “too much” work when it comes to improving brain function. If you can do practices more than once per day, it will accelerate your process.