Challenge Two – Join our Social Media Raffle

Our Scavenger Hunt has begun! Today we start with checking out our Social Media Raffle. You don’t actually need to join if you don’t want, but if you wouldn’t mind trying a couple of the items on the list, we would appreciate it!

To enter:

  • Click here to visit our Raffle.
  • Once you have found the raffle page, find the thing on the list you would least likely do.
  • When you find that thing, return to this page and click on the Scavenger Hunt Challenge One Quiz below.
  • Write your answer after the quiz question “I’m least likely to” (Don’t be afraid to be honest. Your feedback helps us improve.)
  • After you’ve entered your answer, click “Finish Quiz.”

That’s it! If you want to go back and participate in the Social Media Raffle, there are a lot of cool prizes. If not, we understand.

I’ll see you back here tomorrow for another Scavenger Hunt Challenge.