Challenge Four – Find our Raffle Page

Welcome to Challenge no. Four – Find our Raffle Page.

We’re running two different raffles for our launch. One is the Social Media Raffle you visited in Challenge Three. Today we want you to find the other.

From where you are right now, browse our website to find where to buy Raffle Tickets. You are not required to buy raffle tickets for this part of the challenge. However, if you do buy raffle tickets between June 10 – June 20, you’ll get double the credit. Just note “Challenge Four” in your purchase or include your e-mail address and the number of tickets you purchased in the quiz below and we’ll double your entry.

If you choose not to purchase, that’s cool. Just type “Not playing the raffle today.” as the quiz answer.

Don’t forget to hit submit after you’ve answered the quiz. We’ll see you in Challenge Five.

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