Welcome to our Launch Party

Our Launch Party will begin with the release of the Program on June 27, 2020, at 9:00 am. The launch will be followed by an introduction to the site and detailed videos on how to get involved.

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Event Schedule

9:00 am – Introduction to our program

Join us live for the official launch of our program at 9:00 am (GMT) or watch the video later. I will include details on how to use the website and I will review the different ways you can join the program. I will also introduce you to our current fundraising goals and why we need the money.

11:00 am – Available Programs and Upcoming Plans

Watch the 9:00 am video and learn how to navigate our website. Then, join me at 11:00 (GMT) to learn the foundational principles of our program. We will also check-in on our fundraising totals and share continue plans to expand the program.

1:00 pm – Why is Free Online Addiction Recovery important?

After spending the morning introducing you to our program, I will open up the chat lines to answer your questions and talk about the current epidemic of addiction in our county. I’ll also share some of my own journey and explain why providing free online addiction recovery is important to me.

3:00 – Your Questions Answered

Whether you’re an addict seeking recovery options, a family member in need of support, or a professional interested in what we do, there are questions; questions about the brain, questions about the program, and questions about our commitment to this program. I’ll be here to answer them, along with providing a breakdown of why our program works both on its own and with any other method you might already be using. We’ll also take another look at our campaign and share a special surprise for the final segment of our event.

5:00 – Final live stream and thank you gift announcements

To end the day, I will be reviewing the last few details of the program, including the event calendar. I will also announce the special thank you gifts for those who contributed.