Welcome to our Treasure Hunt. If you’re here you might already have completed the first step of the Treasure Hunt. As you continue you’ll have opportunities to win a multitude of prizes, including an exclusive Your Way Recovery “I’m why” t-shirt, celebrating your involvement in this one-time-only event. You are why this program will be a success. Thank you for your participation.

Through each stage of the Treasure Hunt, you will perform a series of tasks listed under a lesson. Every lesson you finish will result in a discount coupon. The first twenty (20) people to complete each ‘lesson’ will receive prizes. Lessons will be released daily, at 9:00 a.m GMT and do not need to be completed “in order.” So, even if you join late, you’ll still have an equal chance to win. You’ll be using the same format as the recovery program, so it will be familiar to you if you ever know of anyone who might want to participate.

Within each lesson will be a series of tasks set as quiz questions. As you complete each task, you will need to ‘submit’ your quiz have it recognized as a completed quiz A task is considered complete when you submit your quiz and mark the lesson complete. Be sure to include a shipping address when you register to receive your prizes. We will ship or deliver complete packages at the end of the event.

Good luck and I hope you enjoy your Treasure Hunt.