My name is Linda Forrest, and I am a recovered addict. I am also a writer, speaker, and the creator of Your Way Recovery, a free, online recovery support program. 

I knew I was making a change this year, but I had no idea it would be so meaningful to me. I was an addict. My doctors told me I would always be an addict. I felt powerless, but I wanted a better life.

I began with traditional treatment programs, and they helped me find stability, but I wanted more. I wanted to cure my addiction, and I did. Now, I want to share how I did it with others, but I don’t want to charge them. 

Addiction is a heavy financial burden, on addicts, on their families, and on insurance companies. I want to relieve that burden, but I do need your help to do it.

Addiction is an epidemic. Tens of millions of people suffer and it costing Americans over 700 billion dollars every year. We can change that by making Free Addiction Recovery available to everyone. Please Contribute. Your contributions will be tax-deductible. 

Please donate and share today. Let’s change the face of recovery together.